The Handy's live synchronization feature is enabled with the use of scripts.


Scripts are files that describe a time (in milliseconds) and a corresponding position (in percent, from 0 to 100) that indicate where the Handy stroker should be at any given time. You can think of a script as being very similar to a subtitle file.

Scripts come in several formats, but most commonly in FunScript and CSV. Internally, the Handy works with CSV files; as such, any FunScript sent to the Handy will be converted to a CSV on the server-side before reaching the Handy.

Script Examples

FunScript Format

FunScripts are a JSON-encoded way to describe a time and position for a device like the Handy stroker.

The FunScript excerpt below describes 4 commands for the Handy to perform at certain points in time:

  1. At time 0 ms, go to position 0
  2. At time 250 ms, go to position 82
  3. At time 500 ms, go to position 51
  4. At time 750 ms, go to position 9

CSV Format

The same commands in the CSV format look as follows:


Handy Synchronization Test Video

You can find the video and script used on The Handy Sync Test page below: