Handy Script API

Handy partners can use the Handy script server to store and retrieve scripts for their video content.


The Handy Script Server helps platforms that integrate with the Handy to store and retrieve interactive scripts.

Copy Protection

Some partners may wish to protect their scripted content but still allow for offline scripted video playback.

The Script API provides a way to allow local playback of scripts without exposing the actual position and time data to the user. This is achieved by using tokens that can be passed to the device and that allow the device to load the relevant script data from Handy servers without having any script data exposed to the user.


A token is a file with the structure and function of a regular FunScript. However, instead of scripted time-position data, it contains encoded data that lets the Handy script server know which script data to send directly to the Handy.

In this way, script data never passes through the user’s device to get to the Handy; rather, Handy servers send the data directly to the Handy itself, provided that the token was valid.

Token Validity

A token can be configured to have an expiration time. For example, you can create tokens that are valid for the length of a subscription or a user session. When a token expires, it can no longer be used to play a script.

Restricted Token

Tokens can be restricted to work only with a specific connection key. However, because the user can change their connection key at any time, using this approach will require creating a way to renew the token for a new connection key.