The Handy UI is a simple way to get Handy synchronization, connection interface, and control panel on your website.


The Handy UI takes care all of the visual design and connection logic necessary to get the Handy integrated with your website. The Handy UI is part of the Handy SDK and is intended to simplify Handy integration for developers and to make the Handy connection flow consistent for the users.

Universal UI


The Handy UI enables developers to quickly and easily get the Handy integrated with their video content. The Handy UI has the following features:

  • Simple JavaScript SDK
  • Customizable parameters
  • Responsive design
  • Error handling

Specifically, it takes care of:

  • Connection key input
  • Connection failure and reconnection logic
  • Connection state changes
  • Firmware version and latency information
  • Providing controls to manage sync delay and stroke length

Next Steps

We recommend that you read through our Handy UI tutorials to get a step by step introduction to Handy integration into your site.

Read the Integration section for higher level instructions on integrating the Handy UI with your website — either using the Handy UI or with a custom implementation.

Additionally, take a look at our suggestions in the Visual Guidelines section for best practices on positioning the Handy UI elements on your site.